Hire a Professional Plumber

Not sure when to have professional plumbing services in your home? At JJ & Sons Plumbing, we have seen thousands of different plumbing situations. While anytime you’re not sure what’s going on is a good time to call a professional, below are the most common reasons why we get calls to help our clients:

1. Toilets Keep Backing Up

Although you might be able to solve this with a plunger, that will only make the problem worse in the long run. It’s better to have a plumber come by and clear the pipes out so you don’t have to continue plunging and can have a more efficient water system as well.

2. Toilet is Leaking

Even if the toilet is leaking just a little bit, this is a sign of a much larger problem. By having a plumber check it out, you’ll know the exact repair route and can potentially avoid some huge expenses for repairs down the road.

3. Weak Pressure in Shower

There are many reasons why you might have bad water pressure in your shower. Plumbers will run a full analysis on your home to determine the issue so it can be repaired in the most cost-effective manner.

4. Your Pipes Make Weird Sounds

This could be a sign of deterioration in your pipes, a clog, or many other issues. To know for certain, it will be helpful to have the expertise of a plumber there to help you.

5. Toilet Won’t Stop Running

This is a problem that we see most often and it’s not necessarily difficult to fix. However, this will depend on the state of your plumbing and other issues at hand, which is why it’s so important to have a plumber there to give you accurate advice.

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